ISTQB Introduction to Software Testing

Do you want to up-skill or move into a new work area?

Have you been to lately? Heck, I have an honours undergrad from university of Limerick in Information Technology and  Telecommunications and yet I feel outdated in relation to the jobs specifications there.

One of my favourite people has been working as a computer tester for years. And now, dear lucky people, he is training others to become testers.

They say that if you wanna play the game you must first test it. And that ‘ where ISTQB software testing comes in. No, you don’t need a degree, computer know-how; you will be trained as a computer tester then sit the ISTQB exams and then get a job. Also, I did my research – after 4 or 5 years experience you could be well paid – EUR40,000 to 50,000. Not too shabby!

So, stop Googling – I hate my job. Help me find a new job. My boss sucks. I hate Mondays and work. Living for the weekend. Ways to make better money. And get Googling are offering computer testing courses and it’s consultancy to businesses – to  reduce development costs by streamlining their Quality Assurance process.


The course that Quality People now offer is an Introduction to Software Testing training course, running every Saturday over 3 weeks in Dublin city centre.

So you can still work in the sucky job, say nothing to your boss and up-skill with this part-time weekend course. CoOol, eh?

This course fully prepares candidates for the ISTQB foundation level exam. And, get this: you get a coffee morning with potential employers and QA leads from companies Quality People have worked with, including Sogeti and Citigroup upon  passing the scheduled ISTQB – Introduction to Software Testing exam.

AND, you get a help with writing an Outstanding Software Tester CV and what to say during a Test Interview. Pretty cool!


Here’s an outline of the course:

Course topics closely follow the ISTQB curriculum, with some extra additions:

 Introduction to Testing,  Common SDLC roles,  Day in the life of a Software Tester,  What to look for on Day 1,  Testing Principles,  The Test Process,  Ethics/Psychology of testing,   Agile vs Waterfall development,  Test Types, Targets and Test Levels,  Maintenance Testing,  Defect Management,   Static Test Techniques,  Equivalence Partitioning,  Boundary Conditions,  Black box vs White Box testing,  Ad-hoc/Experience-based testing vs Formal Testing,  Choosing a Test Technique,   Configuration Management,  Defect Creation/Analysis/Verification,  Defect Management tools,  Test Management/Organisation,  Estimation,   Introduction to Test Automation,  Introduction to SQL,  Introduction to Linux

Come here and tell me:

Did you ever google – ‘I hate my job?’

Have you ever worked in a job where you felt under appreciated, under valued and over zealous to find a new job?

How have you up-skilled lately?

Does working with people you don’t like/don’t have any relationship with hinder your work?

What would make you feel more appreciated at work?

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G’wan ya good thing and answer me poll, would yis!



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