All of my BeaUtifUl StAts r IrreLevant

Do I need to do the CAPTCHA test on you (too) ?    

Moved from Blogger to WordPress and so far it’s only MeeeeeH! Blogger is a lot more user friendly in relation to layout and control but WordPress seems to be more, god I hate saying this, grown-up.

I can picture myself, when I have a bit more time, really breaking this website’s GUI in half. Hulk Hogan style. And then have a pretty cool (grown-up) site to be proud of. Only downer is that all of my Google juice stayed behind in Blogger.

All my beautiful stats are no longer relevant to this new creature and it kinda makes me wonder if it was worth it. And no, I actually hadn’t updated my Google analytics’s account so even that data is outdated.

But I do know this.  Sharing links on Twitter got me no bounce! Yeah, I know I’m not using that term correctly but doing everything the correct way is also the boring way. My path is < less traveLled. So take out your kniFe, helP clear the overgroWing IvY or get back to the cement. So yeah, no one cares on Twitter. They are inundated with ‘cool‘ links that need to be ‘checked‘ out.  Resulting in them checking out.

There is a way to get a lot of traction on Twitter, though. But it’s hard and requires a lot of work. You have to keep it real, join the conversation and be an actual human.SEO

Save your marketing mechanics to die another day. They are pretty transparent within our Twitter community.   SEO is writing for the Google algorithm. And I stopped all that Java jazz after uni. I like to write from the human in me. And I hope. I hope that it will connect with another human out there.

It does.

  Yeah, most of my clicks went form landing page on a little CTR to read old content. And they were all form organic search. And from America and Russia and Asia! But.


BUT then I started reviewing books and that stopped. Because no one cares about your stupid book review. Not even me. And that made me feel bad.

I wanted to write soulful content but I was told that some of it was too personal. Fair ‘nough. But the books were boring to read and then became more boring to review and the searchers* knew it. Weird thing is that I’v now nearly 20 packages of books to review. But I am only going to review the ones from Hanna Love, Children’s Publicist at Faber and Faber.  This lady knows how to do inbound email marketing. And she asks me what books I’d like to receive.

I’ll also review the ones from Inis magazine, cause, y’know, they have a great platform and they publish them on their site. And sometimes in the actual hard print magazine. (I know, so old school. Reading an actual magazine – but they know how to do a magazine! and it smells nice!)



*What do you search for online?

Do you notice when a post is all SEO and no SOUL?

Do you read books reviews?

Who are your fave book bloggers? (mine are YouTubers)

How did you find this blog post? Did this post connect with you?

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2 replies on “All of my BeaUtifUl StAts r IrreLevant”

Well hello!

Think the pop search is very appropriate for landing here! On Mars.

Hate to break it to you but the research and some breakthrough are underway on a machine reading emotions – saw it on G+ (so if I saw it there it MUST be true) but it depends on what you define true to be? True or Through. One is made of a shade and the other a tint.

PS love this – T.V works – all laugh , at same joke, at same time, at same soap, at same reality – turn on to eat a life. Très Samuel Beckett.


This is NOT a machine -I want to be a billionaire – goin a make a machine that understands emotions – a psychotherapist or etherapy(silvercloud). Will use SEO of course – mass market – will take me cash until its found – no soul here.. hmmm would it work/found??? T.V works – all laugh , at same joke, at same time, at same soap, at same reality – turn on to eat a life. My search word for this was POP.


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