New Domain Name Fun or Foe?

taken from tumblr

This is such a pain and yet it’s fun!

I changed my domain name, and it’s mega annoying. Yeah, Blogger was great with all the help and steps and even my domain provider wasn’t so bad. But now I’ve got to submit this site to the search engines and start commenting on lots of blogs again so I can get listed.

Is it worth it?

Suppose. It will only take me a few mins, I’m finished work for the day and dinner can wait. It’s just that sometimes I wish I had a more simple hobby, like shopping.

Oh yeah, the pictures are cute, but I mainly incorporated them so I could pin them, thus sending new links to Pinterest with the new domain name. So calculating, I know.

As the saying goes, an experience is only a worthy one if it causes you pain and you grow from that pain.

Blog on!

taken from tumblr

taken from tumblr

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