Princess Ponies – A Special Surprise

Author: Chloe Ryder

ISBN: 9781408854198
Age: 6+
Princess Stardust has flown all the way from her enchanted island home to visit her BF, Pippa, who is riding in a gymkhana the next day. But that night Pippa’s favourite pony, Snowdrop, and her pony friends go missing! Can Stardust’s plan to return to Chevalia and rescue them save the show?
My Review
I am a sucker for the hero’s journey plot structure. I need to know what the MC needs and who’s stopping him from getting it on page one. I got this from the book blurb so before I even opened the book I like it.
When I was a kid, I never read girly books but if I could someone thing it’d be to send these books back in time to a younger me with a letter that said, ‘this is a compelling story that you’ll love to read.
Many thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy. 

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