Princess Ponies – Best Friends Forever

Author: Chloe Ryder
ISBN: 9781408827321
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Age: 6+
In Best Friends For Ever! It’s Midsummer Day and Pippa and Princess Stardust are going on a very important journey to find the final golden horseshoe. It will take them to a dangerous part of the island, and they must be braver than ever before. The future of Chevalia is at stake.

My Review
Do not be fooled by the glitzy cover, this is not a dizzy book but one that’s well crafted.
This is compiling story with adorable illustrations that any young reader would love.
I had a pony when I was young and she wasn’t one but nice! Maybe I’d have been better off if I had gone to Chevalia, an enchanted island where ponies and horses rule, i could have gotten a new one!
Every chapter is peppered a fun story line and dotted with pictures – there’s even a horse shoes at the end of every page.
Many thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy.

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