The Perfect Princess

Author: E. D. Baker
ISBN: 9781408846933
Publisher: Bloomsbury 
Age: MG
This book is two in one.
Young dragon Audun fell in love with Millie at first sight. Little did he know that she isn’t a beautiful green dragon all the time! Millie is a human princess and, according to Audun’s elders, princesses or not, humans lie, cheat, steal and just think of themselves. But Audun doesn’t believe Millie does any of these things – in fact, she’s sweet and good, honest and brave . . . She is his true love.

But only the king of the Icy North can grant permission for Audun and Millie to be together. And even if Audun could persuade the king, the only way to woo Millie would be for Audun to become human himself. That could be tricky . . . would Millie even notice him?

A Prince among Frogs:
Everyone loves a royal wedding. But with baby Prince Felix kidnapped, and the kingdom’s best witches out of town, will the dragon and his perfect princess make it down the aisle? Find out in this fabulous finale.

My Review
These are fun stories. The book is two previously published books with a snazzy new cover and a crown beside every new chapter heading.
We have a princess involved with a fight against warlocks, dog swamps, kidnappings and this makes her my hero.
These classic stories are always a treat to read. 
Many thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy.

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