A Lily, A Rose

Author: Sally Nichols
Publisher: Barrington Stokes
ISBN: 9781781121962
Age: YA

Lady Elinor of Hardford has fallen in love for the first time, with Dan, her cousin and knight-in-training. But her father has other plans. She must marry his friend, Sir William of Courtney – and he’s nearly 50! Ellie must draw on all her skills to work out a solution to her dilemma. Can she change her father’s mind? And will she ever get to marry Dan?

My Review
This is another gem from Barrington Stoke Teen. Nichols has a scaled back method of writing and it suits the requirements of the wonderful story telling and the publishers. (The books are aimed at reluctant readers or kids with dyslexia.)
This is not a usual love story; it’s about a love for life and freedom to live whomever you choose. We see the MC and lack of choice people in history struggle to accept her pending marriage. And Nichols hits the ball out of the park with this book. (That’s such an American phase for a Tipp gal to use!) 
This story is like a good sauce that’s been reduced to its perfect potency.
Bravo to Sally Nichols and Barrington Stoke Teen for it’s initiative.
Many thanks to Clonmel (Tipperary) Library for their well stocked shelves. 

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