What do you want, PLOT?

In my life I’ve only ever wanted normal things, so writing books about wanting something so desperately that someone will read over 70,000 to find out if you got it; well, that’s tough.
I can always picture a scene, add some characters and advance the story but finding out what my main character really wants is a nightmare!
I have written about 4 books at this stage and planed out two more. And when people, kindly, offer to read them I lie and say they’re not ready. Because when I read them I’m constantly asking myself the same questions. WHAT DO YOU WAAAAAAANT!
The story has to have conflict, so much want – desperately wanting. Maybes it’s because I’m Irish and we are taught to not want too much. Be normal and stay under the radar. All the American books are dripping in want. And they are gripping.
So, in the name of research, I watched a lot of American reality TV and I’m starting to get it. They want to their love object, save souls, defeat the bad guy, win, approval, friends, health, thinner bodies, thicker wallets. And they want it yesterday.
With that in mind and the face of desperation etched on my eyelids, I can now return to my latest WIP, slap my MC and integrate the little brat into telling me what he wants.

Writing is like fixing things, you have to find out how other things work in order to see what’s missing.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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