Carnival for Children’s Literature 2013 – Interviews and Poetry

Why hello there and welcome to Carnival for Children’s Literature 2013 – Interviews. For the previous sections. please see here.

As there are a lot of categories, I decided to post them all separately. First up we have Early Literacy followed by: Fictionillustrationinterviewsnon-fiction, and poetry.


We have Carmela from Teaching Authors and she writes about an interview with Greg Pincus.

 My co-blogger, April Halprin Wayland, interviews Gregory Pincus and offers a giveaway of his terrific new middle-grade novel, THE 14 FIBS OF GREGORY K.


We have Amy from The Poetry Farm 

This poem, about playing school with dolls and stuffed animals, mirrors the experiences of many children who will one day grow up to be teachers.

Cynthia over on What’s New with Cynthia Reeg talking about –
Encourage children to create their own holiday poetry this season. Examples are provided, along with suggestions for helping children have a fun poetry adventure.

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