Crime Writing Workshop with Arlene Hunt on

As part of the Tipperary Reads Festival, Thurles library hosted a crime writing workshop with Arlene Hunt. It’s difficult teaching or facilitating a workshop, but for Arlene it comes naturally to her. Her energy, positive attitude were contagious. Man, she is cool. Her main advice was, apart from learning your craft and hard work was that social media matters.

Having large numbers of followers on Twitter, a popular blog, engaging with readers and writers, being good at public speaking, attending conferences and knowing how to network all matter. Yes, of course voice and writing ability are pivotal but proving you can market is important.

But my absolute favourite takeaway from the workshop was, ‘once you get your foot into the publishing world, kick the door down.’

She has LOT more great advice which you can read on the fabulous WRITING.IE

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