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Personification and Poetry

Some poetry advice, examples, and tips aimed at primary school teachers to be used as a resource.

Personification and Poetry

Personification is writing about a thing as if it were a person. A very well known example is the poem Jack Frost.
 The author, John P. Smeeton, is writing about frost but in his poem he write about frost as if it were a person.


Jack Frost was in the garden;

I saw him there at dawn;
He was dancing round the bushes
And prancing on the lawn.

He had a cloak of silver,
A hat all shimm’ring white,
A wand of glittering star-dust,
And shoes of sunbeam light.

Jack Frost was in the garden,
When I went out to play
He nipped my toes and fingers
And quickly ran away.

I chased him round the wood-shed,
But, oh! I’m sad to say
That though I chased him everywhere
He simply wouldn’t stay.

Jack Frost was in the garden:
But now I’d like to know
Where I can find him hiding;
I‘ve hunted high and low-

I’ve lost his cloak of silver,
His hat all shimm’ring white,
His wand of glittering star-dust,
His shoes of sunbeam light.

by John P. Smeeton

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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