Cinquain Poems

Some poetry advice, examples, and tips aimed at primary school teachers to be used as a resource.

Cinquain Poems

A cinquain has only five lines.

Consisting of:
The first line must be the title and should only be one word.
The second line must contain two words that are a description of line one.
The third line must contain three words and must be about an action  of line one.
The fourth line must have four words that describe a feeling  of line one.
And finally, the fifth line must contain just one word that is a synonym for the title. A synonym is another
word or phrase that means almost or exactly the same thing as another word or phrase.

Sickly sweet                                               
Shining star shape
She smiles knowing earth is searingly smug

by Michelle Moloney King


To recap. Cinquain Poems

Line 1 = one word that is the title
Line 2 = 2 words that are a description.
Line 3 = 3 words about an action.
Line 4 = 4 words describing a feeling.
Line 5 = 1 word that is a synonym for the title.

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