Webmaster and Social Media Toastmaster

I went to a few meeting of the Cashel Toastmasters and enjoyed it so much that I am becoming a member in September. The meetings are well laid out, everyone has a job to do for each meeting and feedback is given on speeches.

As a teacher the experience of Toastmasters has been a tremendous help. I wish I joined when I was doing my post-grad. As someone who is still learning about writing and is slowly (so slowly) writing a book and would love to be a published author, Toastmasters is fantastic. I may be asked to do readings or even
interviews and Toastmasters is the perfect place to gain experience.

But, whatever you interests or grandiose ambitions may be in life, Toastmasters is fun, interesting and a nice gathering of articulate people. I’d highly recommend you find a local group and pop along to a meeting.

I am the webmaster and social media officer for the Cashel Toastmasters. I had fun setting up the site and their twitter and Facebook presence. Please like or follow us, all support is appreciated.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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