Creating and Using ICT Resources for Literacy

Learning ICT is fun!

As part of my week teaching Creating and Using ICT Resources for Literacy in Nenagh this week, I noted some of the best links and will share them here.

All the modules to the course are here. There is so much handy information here.

Get access to a lot of information relevant to school the next time you are on the school network

A fantastic list of apps for education can be found here. Yes, it is another NCTE link and it’s fab.

We work-shopped:
Twitter and we contributed to the hashtag for the IT courses being run by the NCTE – #courses13
Picasa 3
ActiveInspire (a free IWB package)
saftey online
Digital storytelling
Google drive (which I now LOVE),
eLearning and a school eLearning plan.

Photostory is another tool that can be used to make resources or you could show the pupils how to use it. But I prefer Animoto – it is a web based application that produces videos. And it has some cooler options.  You can embed the end result into a blog, send as email, tweet.

This is an informative Google doc on the uses of Twitter in the classroom.

There is a lot here for you to dive into and share with your pupils. Enjoy the active learning experience.

As you may have guess by now, I am a bit of a book fan. So, I used my two loves to make an ode to Walker Books and their book blog – Ink Slingers.

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