Ghost of The Forest

Author:Steve Backshall
Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4440-0439-7
Age: 9+


Saker and Sinter have split up. Sinter is nursing in the shanties of Ho Chi Minh city. Saker is with the peace-loving Penan helping them protect the orang utans and save their own forest homes, as unscrupulous loggers wreak destruction. But they are being watched. And hunted.

The Prophet has not forgiven their betrayal. Escaping the Clan takes Saker and Sinter on a deadly, dangerous journey through Vietnam, over the South China Sea back to Borneo. Deep in the jungle, they’re reunited on their most daredevil and audacious mission yet, to save the endangered orang utans before they become ghosts of the forest. Beware the wooden bullet.

My Review

Ghosts of the forest

The cover of this book is a beautiful black and highlighter green with the shadows of three warriors holding spears. It would be difficult not to be interested. 

Ghosts of the Forest is based on a mix of real life and fiction. Backshall used his diary entries from his travels throughout Borneo. 

I picked up this book to examine it, read the first and last chapter, make some notes, read the author bio and make more notes. Then I planned to read it. But, As soon as I read the opening line;    I dived straight into reading it; the prologue was that compelling. 

I enjoyed characters and their journey. The setting was brought to life in a beautiful way. And for an adventure book there are some beautiful pieces of prose. 

While the story is about the fictional environmental activists there are two that are based on real people. Lars Hagen is based on activist Bruno Manser. Róisín is based on a real Irish philanthropist that Backshall meet in Vietan.

This book opens with a wooden bullet and ends with a wooden bullet being whittled down for their next Herculean environmental fight.

Backshall’s book is enthralling. entertaining and insightful. He even lists websites of organisations and advice should you wish to help. This book is a winner for me. I’d highly recommend  this to primary teachers: it could be used both in English and Geography. Both boys and girls would love it.

Many thanks to Orion press for the ARC.


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