The Mystery of The Secret Room

Author: Helen Moss
Publisher: Orion

Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4440-0757-2
Age Group: 9+

When Boomerang the cat disappears into a tiny gap behind the fireplace at Stone Cottage, Scott, Jack and Emily are amazed to discover a secret room that Aunt Kate never knew existed! But what was the room created for? Inside is very little other than an enormous old chest which Jack is convinced must be full of treasure, but what secrets will be revealed when the friends finally manage to open the box?

My Review

This book shares its name with an Enid Blyton book; right off the bat I was intrigued. Intrigued and brought back to my own childhood; when I’d read  stories with a touch late at night.

Moss has created a world populated with Scott, Jack, Emily, and Drift the dog. These kids show gumption and no mattter what the obsticles they try their best to overcome them. 

The map in the first page of the book adds to mystery and invites us into the story. Illustrations, by Leo Hartas, and the Moss’s story combine to result in a great read.

A great summer read for kids.

Many thanks to Orion Press for the ARC.


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