Joe and the Lighning Pony

Author:Victoria Eveleigh
Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4440-0592-9
Age: Early Reader


‘At the word go, Lightning leapt forward like a racehorse let out of a starting stall. It was all Joe could do to hang on as she galloped in and out of the poles.’

Joe is delighted that his pony, Lightning, is brilliant at mounted games. The two of them make a rest pair and Joe can’t wait for them to try out for the Prince Philip Cup team. There’s just one problem – Lightning seems quite small now that Joe is growing so fast. What will he do when he’s too big to ride her? And what will happen to Lightning if she is sold?

My Review
Joe and the Lightning Pony is the second in a series. Having not read the first I was curious to see if the story  was stand alone or referenced its predecessor, and I happy to report that reading the first is not needed. But it is recommended – I mean, they are great books.

This book is a read suited to young kids looking to see inside stable life. Joe goes through dilemmas and friendships and crises but there is noting too taxing for the young readers. 

I wish that the pony I had was as good as the ponies in the book. But you can’t change the past and at least I’ve got access to books like Joe and the Lightning Pony to relive youth and good ponies.

Many thanks to Orion Books for the ARC.

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