Many Books Review 2

Enda O Brien – The Country Girls
I’m sure that most of you have already read this book by now, but if you haven’t then please, please, please go read it. I love this book, it’s the kind of book that you reread and pass on. O’Brien is a master of lyrical and poetic writing.

Gabriel Dante Rossetti – The House of Life
This is my favourite book of poetry. Sure, it’s old fashioned but the rhyming of the words foam into another world. I plan on buying an old hard backed copy of this book and display it in my library.

William S. Burroughs – Burroughs Live: The Collected Interviews 1960 – 1977
Interesting and vivacious interviews concerning the craft of writing and learning throughout the writing process.

Jorge Luis Borges – This Craft of Verse
I learnt so much from these series of lectures that I know it will stand to me for the rest of time. His advice is urgent and calmly delivered. If you are interested in writing or authors then go read this book.

Brenna Yovanoff – The Replacement
This book was the very first YA book that gave me hope. It is dark, spooky and beautiful. The author writes in a fantastic style and respects the arcs of her characters. There is clear character development. And the poetic style is mind-numbing. It’s no wonder that she is a NYT best seller.

Brenna Yovanoff – The Space Between
This is my all time favourite book. Ever. It’s not as scary as the blurb or the cover would have you believe but it is so (wait for it) beautiful! It’s more speculative than horror. I gasped several times while reading this book.  Her use of metaphor is a thing of golden beauty.

Matthew Sweeney – Teach Yourself Writing Poetry
In the first post of A Many Books Review I mentioned a few books on the craft of writing. But this book is by far the best one. Yes, it’s about poetry but the information on the craft is spectacular. I found this book to be very useful on my writing journey. 

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