Many Books Reviewed

I read a lot of my own books so I plan on having very short reviews about those book as well as the review copies sent to me by publishers.

Tessa Gratton – Blood Magic
Wooooh! This book started out with a sad girl who meets a nice boy. It is a cute and warm telling of how their mutual interest in blood magic sparks off. But, man, hang around for a while and get scared senseless! Seriously, I thought the Irish had the horror masted but not so! Gratton twisted the beautiful plot to show the underbelly of pure horror. I was shaking by the end of the book. Some parts of it were so terrifying and sudden that I felt as if someone punched me. I highly recommend this book. It’s slickly written by a passionate writer.

Maeve Binchy – The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club 
This is an excellent book for the beginners out there. Any of you wondering how to go about writing for media, short stories or books then I would advise you to read this.

James Scott Bell – Plot and Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot That Grips Readers From Start To Finish
Again this is a good book for the beginers. I found a lot of information from reading writers’ blogs. The American writers are great for giving LOADS of advice on the craft of writing. There was one or two bits of information that did help me and I did like the exercises. While most of this information is online it is hard to find it unless you know what to look for. If I had my time back I’d have read this book a year ago and then read the blogs. But I do like to quantify, list and archive what I know. And it’s always nice to throw into conversation…..’oh yeah, yeah… I read that info in a book by Scot Bell, he gives great advice don’t you know.

Dianne Doubtfire – Teaching Yourself Creative Writing
Yeah, this is a good book. Again all the info is online but it’s very handy having all that in one space. These Teach Yourself books are very well laid out. If you are new to writing, then read it.

William Trevor – Great Irish Tales of Horror
This is a great book of old tales of horror. Well written old fashioned tales from some of the greatest Irish authors. A well curate book from tales of Old Ireland.

Robert D. Richardson  – Emerson on the Creative Process.
I realised that I already wrote an actual review on this but I want to have it here also as it’s relent to all the writing craft books.Read the review for more information.

Catherynne M. Valente – The Labyrnith
Look, it’s simple. This book is like reading with marbles in your mouth while swimming in snow. It is different, poetic and quietly stunning.

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