Stargirl Academy. Lily’s Shimmering Spell – A Review

Author: Vivian French

Illustrator: Jo Anne Davies

Publisher: WalkerBooks

Publication Date: July 2013

ISBN: 9781406333398

Pages: 128

Age Group: 6 +

Review Format: ARC


Join Lily and her friends at Stargirl Academy as they learn their spells and train to be modern-day fairy gidmothers. They’re girls on a mission – to help people – and when all six stars on their magic necklaces are shimmering, they will become stargirls.

My Review

There is a lot to like about this book. The cover and illustrations are cute and fun. The author introduces the book and tells us about her inspiration. French loved the idea of a fairy godmother but updated it to Stargirls. Even how that is told in the book is cute and interesting.

The best part if this book is the introduction and The Promise.  Both are addressed to the reader, and it welcomes us to Stargirl Academy! Love!

The plot is sound, we see character development and plenty of space for loads more in the six book series. I really enjoyed this book and I know that young children will love it. 

Now, I’ve already said to much about Stargirl Academy. I signed The Promise at the start of the book and can say no more!
Many thanks to Walker Books for the review copy. A picture of the book will be posted here soon.

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