L’Etoile, School for Stars – Review

Please welcome a new blogger and book reviewer, Ria. She reviewed this book for my blog. And she hopes to post more reviews on her blog. Please do pay her a visit on Ria’s Views.

Authors: Holly and Kelly Willoughby
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books 
Publication Date: in June 2013
Pages: 208

Amazon Summary
On the first day of term at L’Etoile, School for Stars, twins Maria and Molly Fitzfoster meet Pippa Burrows who’s won a song-writing scholarship to the school. The talented trio share the same dreams of super-stardom and become best friends. But will their friendship stand up against Lucifette Marciano’s plans to wreck their chances and claim fame for herself?

Ria’s Review
This preteen book is the first book in the series by Holly and Kelly Willoughby. 

At the beginning of the story we are introduced to twin girls Maria and Molly Fitzfoster on their first day at a world renoud preforming arts school. Maria and Molly meet Pippa Burrows who’s won a song-writing scholarship to the school.  

The talented trio shares a dorm room and the same dreams of stardom and despite the differences in their backgrounds become firm friends. Together they learn that the most important thing is friendship.
This story is reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s Mallory Towers with midnight feasts and makeovers but it a light hearted version set in modern times.

This book has embraced modern technology, with the use of mobile phones and secret text messages and an anonymous blog published by a pupil.
The characters all go on an adventure in their new school and we the readers are brought along in this happy-go-lucky, merry tale.

Many thanks to Ria for the review and to Orion press for sending me the book.

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