Grace Wells and Creative Writing in Tipperary

I was delighted to discover that Tipperary based poet was facilitating a workshop as part of Tipperary Excel’s Literary Festival in May 2013.

My start to the day was hectic, I had a few extra tasks to complete before I got to the workshop. Nothing went to plan and odd, funny events occurred.

Grace Wells

I was late to the theatre. And, to too it off; I had no coffee and no pen or paper. But I showed a calm side and slid into my place.

Grace asked us to write a poem straight away. But, it was to be done in directive imperative based on the works of Mark Roper.Roper is famous for his preacher like poetry, it’s as if he is giving orders. So, our poem had to be in the style and about our morning journey to the workshop.

I got to use my morning adventurers as a basis of a poem. Sweet! Not that is was confessional.

Grace also taught us how to mind map a poem. It’s like picking your inspiration and interrogating it with the five W’s and H.  And she showed me a way into poetry. I can’t describe it, it’s just something you need to experience.

Grace will be facilitating a 24 Little Hours poetry workshop along with Mark Roper, Dave Lordan & Mia Gallagher as part of the Clonmel Junction Festival in July 2013.

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