Monkey Wars ~ A Book Review

Publisher: Walker Press
Publication Date: May 2013
Pages: 400
Age Grange: 11+
Format: Arc PBB

Monkey Wars
by Richard Kurti (Author)

When Rhesus monkeys are brutally massacred on the dusty streets of Kolkata by a troop of Langur monekys, Mico’s life is changed for ever.

Appalled by the bruality of his troop, the young Langur monkey tries to help the surviving Rhesus. But he is playing a dangerous game and finds himself increasingly entangled in he secrets that lie at the heart of the corrupt leadership. And, as more blood is split, Mico quickly realizes that choosing between right and wrong will not be as easy as he first thought.

My Review
Right out the gate we are witness to the start of a war, we follow Mico and family as they are left homeless and shocked. All they have left is to fight for their home.

Kurti has constructed a complex world of politics, battles, betrayal using the Langur and Rhesus monkey troops. This is a layerd, heavey handed and very detailed telling of a war. The choice to use monkeys does give us a different slant of war. These monkeys could very well be a human story, which adds a nice Orwellian vibe to the book.

This is a vivid and realistic world, I know that monkeys as main characters may seem childish but there is nothing silly or frivolous about this story. I was brought into the world from page one.
This would be an interesting book if you are looking for something different with debt. I could see this being a great book to use in school: the society at war, the politics, the setting and the challenge of doing what’s right.

A book that will shock you with a story of monkeys that can be universally applied to us all. A bold,  realistic, heartfelt book that will stay in your thoughts for a long time.

Thank you to Walker Press and Hannah Love for the review copy.

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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