Creating a Static Landing Page in Blogger

No subbing today, couldn’t get my head into writing after reading a depressing article on the future of teaching so I decided to mess with HTML. As you do!

I have changed the layout so that I now have a static landing page. If you type thhp:// you will be redirected to my About Me page. (I need to edit that, but that involved me talking about me in the third person and that’s kinda creepy.)

I changed my pages feature and added drop-down menus  they are a slicked way of sharing your social media, blogger list and articles. I used to use a word cloud, but this drop down menu is far cool.

Here is the vid I used to create the landing page. I get asked a lot of question about the ‘how to’ of blogging so I thought I pre-empt it and share the info now. So, here it is:

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