David Maybury, Vizify and Awesomeness.

I saw author, David Maybury’s, Vizify and thought that only he could be witty, funny and smart enough to put such a cool profile together.

I joined out of curiosity and it linked some of my social media accounts and, hey presto, the work was done for me and my very own Vizify was created. 
It is a tad creepy that was it presents all this info about you and got me thinking about the data you share on-line. I am careful, heck I only use it to share my blog links and rarely even use Facebook.

Anyway, set up your own account and you’d be surprised by your cool profile. Like, one aspect I particularly enjoyed was the words I use a lot on Twitter, 
So, we can all be a little David Maybury and have our own witty, funny and smart  Vizify profiles. (See what I did there? I made him into a verb!)

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