100,000 Hits & Note to Self on Stats

Mwah ha ha ha!! I have been looking at my blog stats and I decided to critically analysis the data and then use it to my advantage. That was about one month and 12,000 hits ago. Since I used the knowledge and my blog has finally reached over 100,000 hits. Not bad.

Not that the bog hits matter; they don’t. I blog to keep track of info that interests me. Truest me, blogging is much easier than being over loaded with bookmarks.

Did you see that Simpsons episode where Homer puts out pieces of candy to trap his enemy? Yeah, well the info is my candy and the trap is my blog. It is very nice to get hits, though. Especially international ones.

This blog is now more popular with America and China that it is with Ireland and the UK.

Right, I have a book to write. So get outta here, g’wan – scram.

And thank you, whoever you are for hitting me,yo!

Oh! Piece of candy.

Nom, nom, nooom!

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