Versatile Blogger Award

I won a Versatile Blogger award – which basically requires the recipient to list seven hitherto unknown facts about themselves and the pass on the Versatile mantle to a few other bloggers.

Seven somewhat interesting facts about me that no one knows.
  • I had a pony called Clonmore that I was scared of but I pretended to everyone that my asthma would act up when I was near her just to avoid riding out.
  • I use to be afraid of flying. After a particularly rotten teaching practice I boarded a plane to Spain and  freaked out.  I’m grand now. No caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before flying, relax my muscles, wear comfy clothes, and smile. Yeah, smiling really help. You can’t be scared if you smile.
  • I um, can’t think of anything and I am in school right now, blogging at lunch time!
  • I like reading the dictionary.
  • I do not watch the soaps on TV. Unless I’m sick, then I find them, strangely, comforting. I love documentaries both in Irish on TG4 and BBC docos. My weakness is reality TV.
  • I used to think that books were actually keys to another world when I was little, before I could read. I saw how my brothers and sister transformed after reading them and I wanted in on their adventure. I looked at an author bio on a book jacket and asked my brother if anyone can write a book or only special people and when he pointed to the picture and said that one day it could be me….I whispered to the book, ‘some day I’m gonna make my very own key and maybe another little girl will use it to open her very own adventure.
  • On my list of fears: hairdressers. I went to the ‘best’ local one as a young teen and came out looking like a dude. I try to go to them sometimes…but I’d rather try it myself.

I award the next Versatile Blogger Award to:

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