Housekeeping, Catherine Tate, Followers and Blogger

When you read a magazine do you contact them with a comment? More than likely, you don’t. So, why would people bother bother commenting on blogs?

There are two reasons that I would ever bother to leave a comment. One, I have been following the blog for a while and just want to leave a short comment to show support. Two, I want another link to me on Google.

So, I got rid of the comments on my blog.

I also got rid of email followers. I checked the stats, they told me who you were (I was very surprises by one or two of them!) and how often you open the email posts. I don’t get hits on the blog if you open the posts in your inbox; so I got rid of it. That, and the fact that I can now post as often as I want without having to worry about clogging email subscribers inbox.

But, to show some sort of community spirit, I am bringing back the followers gadget. Not that I ever bother to go to the blogs I follow via that gadget. But there may be some people here that would use it.

So there you have it, my housekeeping news, not that you’re bothered. Am I right?

I aint bothered.

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