The Hidden Gift

Author: Ian Somers

Publication Date: March 2013

Publisher: O’Brien Press

ISBN: 978-1847173089

Pages: 416
Age Group: 12+

Ross Bentley has supernatural gifts – he can move things with his mind – but this doesn’t stop him feeling alone and miserable when he’s cut off from family and friends in a remote farmhouse with Hunter, the taciturn but powerful Guild-member tasked with protecting and training him.

But suddenly Hunter is summoned by the Guild. A gifted child has been kidnapped. Hunter needs to track her down, and he has no choice but to take Ross with him. The search for the missing child, and the dangers it uncovers, take Ross to the darkest place he’s ever been. He must face danger and great grief and learn to harness his powers to face down his greatest nemesis yet 

My Review:
The second book to Million Dollar Gift by Ian Somers. In the sequel we go on the learning journey with Ross as he discovers more about his talents. Our MC, Ross, is left feeling lonely and yearning for some adventure. Ross should love the secluded training after the explosive scenes at Atkinsons’ house, but he yearns for action.

His monotony is broken when a gifted girl goes missing and Ross is taken with Hunter, his trainer, on a rescue mission. 

As with the debut book, there are a lot of verbs smashing the action and plot on-wards. I’d recommend this book to advanced readers of 10+ once you crave action and adventure; you’d be the ideal reader.

Book Trailer:

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