Million Dollar Gift

Author: Ian Somers
Publication Date: May 2012

Publisher: O’Brien Press
ISBN: 978-1-84717-307-2

Pages: 416

Age Group: 12+

Price: €7.99

Ross Bentley has a gift – he can move things with his mind.

Ross has always known he was different, but he’s kept his talent secret, even from those closest to him. Everything changes when he hears about a contest called The Million Dollar Gift – a wealthy businessman has pledged a million dollars to anyone who can prove they have superhuman powers. It’s too good a chance to miss.

But Ross finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of corruption and peril. His gift puts him in danger from powerful foes, but also introduces him to people and talents he can hardly believe exist.

My Review:

This book is for the brave of heart, with an adventurous spirit and a techie savvy mind. Action punches Million Dollar Gift forwards and on-wards through dollars, gifts and fortune. I could picture a younger mainly male audience reading this book.

Somer’s book has a sleek cover and a table of contents with chapter names; not just the usual (and boring) chapter numbers. The formatting in this book is beautiful. But, O’Brien Press book’s always have great formatting. It’s easy to get the vibe of the book by just reading the table of contents. Some chapter headings: Running out of time. Skeleton in the closet. Instant fame. Duel. Funeral for a friend. 

And there is even a telephone transcript smack bang in the middle of the book! Did I mention the use of social media, loves it!

Thank you to O’Brien Press for the PBB.

The Book Trailer:

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