A Rant About POV, Back Story, Tense and Publishers.

I’m just using the blog as a place to puke my thought process as I don’t have any writers living near me to thrash things over with. So, click on it you don’t want to know more.

I don’t like the first person point of view! Even though I am writing in this POV.  I’m going to rework my

WIP and change it. Well, I’m not sure if I can do that, the story if very personal to the MC. And she has such an interesting way of looking at situations that it’d be difficult to show that in TPPOV.

Back to my topic. I don’t like it, it’s too personal, the story is limited to one person, the narration can become stifling, and all the action needs to take place when the MC is present. 

Also, because we are the MCs in our own life and our thoughts and journals* are always in first person annnnnnd because it is the first type of writing we do in story writing in school…I wonder does it show an unsophisticated and naive style?

I don’t know. 

I think that I prefer books with third person point of view as I don’t align myself with the MC so much. Sometimes fiction is exhausting, especially YA with all the angst  all that me, I, myself and my can be too trying. Also, if the MC is being a winy pup or a cow, at least I don’t feel like one too, if the story is told in TPPOV. I’m so use to the visual language of TV that TPPOV sits more comfortably with me.


Think I’ll try using FPPOV but from two characters and not the traditional one character. But, I really don’t like too many FPPOVs in a book; far too confusing. Unless, of course, you are Maggie Stiefvater. (I am such a fan girl for her.)

And you know what grates my guts? Telling a story using the past tense. Am I wrong in thinking it should be present tense, are we not always told to use the active voice?  I don’t even like when back story is slipped in using past tense. To go off topic, has anyone seen the latest season of Girls? The way they slipped in the back story Lena Dunham and the whole counting issue? Wow! But that’s the beauty of TV, all that visual language of the body gives you more scope that just words on a page. Ya see, if I told the story in third person I could say what their body language was doing.

Hmmmm. Food for thought, for me.

In other booky news, I have realised that as I now do book reviews; I can contact publishers directly and ask them for books that I want…and they give them to me ’cause I’m a book blogger, yo! I will be getting The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland thanks to Constable & Robinson. I am sick with happiness! Sick!

*I do not have a journal. I’m the youngest of a large family and have read my siblings dairies behind their backs after they read mine in front of an embarrassed me.

This is the book trailer to The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland.

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