In Love With The Idea of Writing And Not The Verb

‘ve done a lot of talking about writing for the past year and a half. But, something has snapped in me. A chief kernel has been rewired and now I write.

Someone close to me asked me why I write and I didn’t like the answer.

Turns out that I like the idea of interviews, book tours, getting to know writers, meeting writers that I love, blog tours, marketing and social media. I like the business side of writing but I didn’t like the actual writing side of it. Sure, I was a good little teacher and I did my studies on creative writing. But actually writing was something I put off. That was until I asked myself why I write.

I am glad that she asked me that question and I am glad of the advice she gave me. Which will be in another post.

I downloaded Scrivener, and it suits me. I have committed myself to write a 1,000 words a day. No internet, just coffee and writing. Then internet. And I did it. It was easy, who knew(?!)

I had poured so much of myself into the craft of writing that just writing is fantastic. I have given myself permission to write. It’s OK if I make mistakes. Just write.

I told myself I wasn’t writing a book, but that I was writing many related scenes.

To be Reviewed. Cassandra Clare
 has nothing to do with this
 post, but the picture is just so pretty!

I decided to:

  • Write first, no emails, no apps. Just write for an hour.
  • Don’t control the people in your story.
  • Stop worrying about the craft and just write it.
  • Give yourself permission to write and have fun.
  • Make it a world you’d like to hang out in.
  • Write scenes and click them together later.

It is easier to write then it is to sit and worry about writing or what everyone else is saying about writing.
It is easier to write for an hour then study writing for an hour.
It is easier to write than to blog, tweet, or read blogs.
It is better for your heart and mind to just write than it is to even make a coffee.

Grab that writing verb by the laptop and smash it into sentences.

Part two is herewith some great advice.

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