Book Haul March 2013

The best part of reviewing books is opening the door to our post-lady with a nosy look and a parcel of books! I love being a children’s books and YA book blogger. You get paid in books. You also get books in that genre that you may otherwise have not have hear about.

Being a YA book blogger opens your mind to all facets of your favorite genre.

Thank you to Walker Books and O’Brien Press.

My book haul for this March 2013:

Cassandra Clare – the Collector’s Edition of The Infernal Devices ~ Clockwork Princess. I am delighted with this one!! Walker Books

Richard Kurt – Monkey Wars. I like what I’ve hear about this. Walker Books

April Henry – The Night She Disappeared. Love this spooky cover. Walker Books
Ian Somers – Million Dollar Gift.  O’Brien Press

Ian Somers The Hidden Gift, Liking the snake. O’Brien Press

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