Never Give Kids The Pass Code

I am a member of the CESI- email list. Teachers, parents, IT people email this list with relevant techie information, advice and help. I came across this article and I needed to share it here. 

I have seen so many parents. uncles, aunts (me included) give bored children their smart devices. During a party, five year old Danny used his parents iPad and spent over EUR 1,900 in ten minuets!

‘Sharon Kitchen said Danny was pestering us to let him have a go on the iPad. He kept saying it was a free game so my husband put in the passcode and handed it to him. It worried me when he asked for the password, but I had a look at the game. It said it was free so I didn’t think there would be a problem. We had lots of visitors in the house and were both a little preoccupied.”

image source

Read more about this expensive app-ish misadventure click here.

I would suggest that you ensure you have the higest of security on your smart devices, that way you can still share them with your children. After all, you the more they are exposed to technology the more responsible they become with it. Banning technology is not the best solution.

How to set up restrictions on your iPad:

 Prevent Apps From Being Installed Or Deleted

You can use guided access to allow access to only one app 

Education/School Apps

And last but not least; Educational Apps

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