Messenger Boy

In 1951 Jerry Quirke crafted a tea chest  into a guitar for six year old Christie Hennessy and so began the long path to music for Christie. He worked as a messenger boy but he soon left and went to work as a laborer  He was dyslexic and working on the building sites in London was the only option for him. 

He released an album in 1971 to little success and it was another twenty years before he darned try again. He was 37 and the album was The Rehearsal. This time round he achieved success  It was rare for someone of his age, with a long gap from music to achieve success and I remember my dad saying that there could be hope for him and his banjo yet.

Christie died of lung cancer thought to be caused from the asbestos dust he was exposed to when working as on the sites. 

Below is a documentary about Christie Hennessy and it is well worth a watch.

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