Outbreak of Zombies in the US and UK.

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Bryant H. McGill said “Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.” But when are adults truly creative? When was the last time we played? I mean really played, played dress up, chased each other  ran for the pure joy of running? 

Grown-ups are starting to read more children’s and YA books and now, now we are starting to play again. 

It started in America, most cool thing usually do. There was a Zombie Apocalypse, and there was a fun run. Yeap, zombies chased humans. you are given a life belts, like in tag rugby, zombies chase you and try to take all your belts. If you reach the evacuation zone, finish line, then you have won your life…or a dog tag. If all your lives are gone, then you have become infected.

I think it’s brilliant. 

Adults can get creative and raise money for charity if they wish.

Begone bag packers!
Vamoose  chuggers (charity muggers)!
So long raffles sellers!
Out with you badge sellers!

                                   Hello play-time and charity zombie runs.

Here is a good site with more info.

Below is a really scary video about Zombie runs. Seriously, it is super scary. I think (hope) it is a much exaggerated video of what a zombie run would be like.

We had a zombie run in Ireland last September for Concern, and I look forward to the next one, as I will be there. Not as a zombie, far too scary, but as a runner.
Here is a video by Concern –

On a side note, I found this on The Irish Times, sounds cool, not the same, but still cool.

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  1. Moloney King says:

    Yes, to more fun!


  2. Louise says:

    Fun is allowed no matter what age you are!! lol


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