Dolphins, China Dolls and YA writer Denise Deegan.

 Hi Denise and welcome to the blog. I love your YA series of The Butterfly Novels. We have talked to you beforeon this blog, so welcome back again.
Let’s play a game, I will say a word and I want you to say the very first word that comes to mind.
Butterfly – Novels
Cupid – Arrow
Love – Story
Books – Movies
China – Dolls
Forests – Trees (sorry!)
Ocean – Dolphins
Earth – Earth, Wind and Fire
Finish this joke for me: Two coffee cups walk into a bar……
and say ‘Hey, Mug.’
I am laughing at how terrible that is.
I like it, mug…yeah, it works!
How do you structure your writing day? Is a boring question that has been asked too many times….so answer this: do you daydream a lot?
I carry my characters with me inside my head. When I’m out and about I hear dialogue between them. It is usually better dialogue than what comes to me sitting in front of the computer. I have to write it down straight away or I will forget.
Outside of that, I see random strangers and imagine what their lives are like. I wonder about the relationship between people I see together. I imagine what some people looked like when they were kids. So I guess the answer is yes. I daydream a lot.
You got the inspiration for The Butterfly Novels when the voice of an angry young girl entered your head, is writing akin to being an antenna for any creative ideas? (Is it like your possessed, but, like, in a good way?)
Denis at the Irish Book Awards
Michelangelo used to say that the sculpture was in the rock, all he had to do was release it. I feel the same way about stories – they are out there in the ether, all I have to do is channel them. I can only do that if I follow my gut. I never write for a market. Ever. 
In order to create art you need to consume art. What do you consume, poetry/ painters/ documentaries…?
I buy art. I love paintings, especially oils. I read fiction, often Young Adult, always contemporary. I am a movie fanatic. And then there is the natural art that exists in nature – which is the best.
You have the most amazing and loyal fans, how do you manage to cultivate your relationship with them?
I just love and appreciate them and they know it.
I see that you have a new blog, how are you finding blogging?
Oh, I’m hopeless. I can never think of anything interesting to write. I prefer to write my stories.
When writing, are you a planner, how do you sort the idea in your head onto the page?
Sometimes I plan. Usually I have an idea of a story. I start off but then the characters take over and the story goes where they take it.
If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?
A dolphin. They are fun, intelligent and sociable. They move fast and free. They look after their injured and protect not only their own species but others. They have been known to protect swimmers from sharks, actually charging at the sharks. And of course they ride waves.
I am also a big fan of elephants.
Wow, nice! A dolphin is a good choice.
And last but not least, what are you working on now?
I am working on an historical love story that I am LOVING. History is so fascinating. I am loving the research. I can’t say anymore because it is top secret!
Lady, I love your books. They are like 90210, Girls, Gossip Girl with a twist of Fair City. Write on.
You can follow Denise on Twitter, The Butterfly Novels, and her blog.

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