Hidden Among Us

Author: Katy Moran
Publication Date: March 2013

Publishers: Walker Books
ISBN: 978-1406324211

Page Count: 304

Age Group: YA
Fourteen year of Lissy has an overprotective mother, a book stealing older brother, is a child of divorce, and she can read Anna Karenina; in Russian. She is different and wants to be alone. So, she trains it on a long journey to the village her mother grew up in. Lissy wants to meet the uncle she’s never met and find out about her mothers secretive past. 

And so starts the battle for her life and the war for the survival of humankind. 

Katy Moran has a MA in Novel Writing,  works in the publishing industry, and has been writing since she was ten.

This book has taken The Hidden (fairies) to a whole new twisted and vengeful level. Ancient folklore mixes well in the modern setting. Moran does a great job of seamlessly blending many points of view into a comprehensive and compelling page-turner. With so many characters narrating it could be easy to get lost in this Fae adventure, but Moran creates a multilayered fairy tale with dynamic and opinionated characters in a beautiful setting with a plot worthy of a best selling author.

Be warned, there are twists in this book that I never saw coming.  The Hidden ain’t  the Disney faries. Oh no! They are cruel, with long memories and longer lives. 

My personal favourites:

  • When Rafe makes a horrifying discovery. I won’t say what happened, have a look at the second page.  
  • And I love the scene of Joe trying to help Lissy but… Chapter 38. So spooky. 
  • My favourite character was Tippy, such a brave little girl.

Be you a fan of folklore or not; you will find this book difficult to put down. 

Many thanks to Hannah Love of Walker Books for the beautiful review book.

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