Bunheads – YA Book Review on Inis Magazine

Bunheads is a YA book written by a creative writing student, who was once a prima ballerina! The full review is published on Inis Magazine.

 I would like to thanks Inis for the books, the opportunity and for my new swash-buckling Inis profile.

Here is a preview of the book review:

Nineteen-year-old Hannah is not a prima ballerina, yet. In fifth grade she informed her mother she was going to become a professional dancer. After years of insulated living in the Manhattan Ballet Academy, Hannah is now a senior corps ballet dancer with hope of promotion.
Hannah has chance encounters with two possible love interests and finds herself torn between training to be a prima ballerina, spending time with said guys and, maybe, actually experiencing the world away from the ballet.
Bunheads is for the die-hard dance fans, ballet kids, and ‘pedestrians’ (as Hannah calls the non-dancers). We experience life 

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