Open Culture and Learning

I am sure you have heard the old credo, your brain is healthier and you live longer if you learn at least one new thing a day. Well you can indulge your brain in new (and free) courses from Open Culture. We are treated to courses from the world’s leading universities. You can download these audio and video courses straight to your computer or smart devices.

An example of some of the course are listed below:

A Romp through Ethics for Complete Beginners iTunes VideoWeb Video – Marianne Talbot, Oxford University

  • Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art – iTunesWeb – James Grant, Oxford University

  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy iTunes VideoWeb Video – David O’Connor, Notre Dame

  • Ancient PhilosophyiTunes – David Ebrey, UC Berkeley

  • Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love iTunes VideoWeb Video – Professor David O’Connor, Notre Dame
  • Aristotle: EthicsWeb Site – Leo Strauss, U Chicago

  • Aristotle: RhetoricWeb Site – Leo Strauss, U Chicago

  • Aristotle: PoliticsWeb Site – Leo Strauss, U Chicago

  • Authority & the Individual: Six BBC Lectures Web Site – Bertrand Russell, Cambridge

  • Critical Reasoning for Beginners iTunes VideoiTunes AudioWeb Video & Audio – Marianne Talbot, Oxford

  • DeathYouTubeiTunes AudioiTunes VideoDownload Course – Shelly Kagan, Yale

  • There are so many more courses available, do go and check them out.

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