Red Ribbons. Red Ribbons. Red Ribbons.

A killer, girls found with red ribbons in their hair, the accused…I am sure that, by now, you have heard of Louise Phillips and Red Ribbons.

Well, here is a little update.

The RED RIBBONS blogtour will recommend this morning with award winning Irish writer Ethel Rohan. As the post will be on the Pank Literary Magazine blog coming from San Francisco, there will be something of a time delay. You should be able to catch it here.

One of Louise’s many interviews was with Lee Middelton of Stafford FM with RED RIBBONS as their Book of The Week you can pick up last week’s podcast where Lee reads an extract from the novel in the voice of the killer.

You can also read Declan Burke’s feature article for the Herald ‘Her Dark Materials.’ This is an interview based on theme, tone of the book and approach to the genre.

And finally, Louise is holding a Novel Competition. The prize is a signed copy of RED RIBBONS, two tickets for a reading she will be doing at the Loose End (Civic Theatre in Tallaght) in November as part of their RED LINE FESTIVAL, and the first signed copy of THE DOLL’S HOUSE when it is published by Hachette in 2013.

You can send your pictures via this email address. To give you an example, see below- so get snapping!!

All images are sourced from Louise Phillips.

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