Denise Deegan and And Actually }I{

Have you ever wonders what it’s like to be a young, rich and mega-popular teenager living in the Dublin suburbs? Or do you want to read something fun with some teenage angst? Then look no further and let me tell you about Denise Deegan.

Denise wrote a trilogy in the Butterfly Novels. The books are told from the perspective of the three girls in the trilogy. With each you get an insight into their world and their friendships.

The last in the trilogy was published recently. See the below book blurb for some eye-candy info.

Here is a podcast with Denise talking with  Sunshine Radio about And Actually.

I love everything about Denise Deegan’s books, they are fun, pure escapism yet tackle some hefty issues that selfconfidence and help from friends can solve.

Denise Deegan’s Book Launch favourite moments:

‘seeing everyone there when I arrived

meeting everyone

seeing Matylda’s face when I gave her a going away surprise

Joanna’s speech.

Ryan Phillip’s speech – especially the lurve story

my little nephew bursting through the crowd to give me a hug during my speech

everyone helping me when I was doing the balloon challenge (that I’d thought I’d got out of).’

You should red her below interview:

image source

You can contact Denise via the below methods and can buy her books in all good book shops.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Denise,

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    I'm loving the trilogy.



  2. Thank you so much, Michelle }I{


  3. Denise is a fantastic lady and her books are such fun.


  4. Valerie Sirr says:

    Lovely interview and sounds like a good book. Hope it inspires your YA project 🙂


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