Learning Spaces ICT Conf in LIT Thurles 2012

I won’t yap on for ages here. For those of you who were at my presentation at the ICT in Education Conference in Thurles have already gleamed all the necessary information. Here are the main points from my presentation. The ICT in Education – Learning Spaces in LIT Thurles was an amazing day, I hope the other the other presenters will post theirs too. My, this was written on my ipdad in a few minutes so let me know if you see errors.   The presentation I use –  Moloney King Prezi Here are a list of some of the main and great resources: To make your own   carton Directory of Learning & Performance Tools Over 2,000 tools for learning and working in education and the workplace –  tools Edutopia –  video Edutopia teacher development –  video ICT in 60 –  ideas Mind map – classroom management of   pc use Mind map – the possibilities of   ICT in your class Mind map –  reading across the circulicium How to –  care for your pc How to thrive in a –  one pc classroom Know your systems –  site The Windows desktop –  here Files and Folders –  explained Storage on your pc –  here No to the  cyber bully How to know when you can trust a website –  here  bits and bytes –  here • KB = kilobyte = about 1,000 (one thousand) bytes, (1024 or 2^10) • MB = megabyte = about 1,000,000 (one million) bytes, (1,048,576 or 2^20) • GB= gigabyte = about 1,000,000,000 (one billion) bytes (1,073,741,824 or 2^30)   Hardware on the inside –  here Hardware on the outside –  here ePals – WOW! Love this site They even have some fantastic lesson plans with resources  here Skills builder library –  here Teacher Guide for epals –  here A lovely email learning guide from epals –  here I am sure you all have heard of think, pair, share…well now we have; think, pain, email –  here Fiction Character Email Exchange –  here    On a separate note – I found this great site about setting up a class routine. I wish I had found it before TP but hey….it can be of use to other teachers.  here Loved my day at; Learning Spaces in LIT Thurles 2012 ICT Education Conference

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  1. Hi Millie,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    The best aspect about the Internet is the information that peopl share on it…..I'm just continuing this good spirit.

    Beir Bua



  2. Millie Floor says:

    I'm so glad you're generous enough to share your lecture. The people who were unable to attend it are going to like this post. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge for free. I'll be looking forward to more of your posts.


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