Do You Read? Books and Computers…..

I have been able to start teaching Scratch in the school I’m subbing in. The impact it has had is amazing.

I managed to get three pupils a Scratch cert, after they did some extensive work. I uploaded a few of their games onto my MIT profile and put the rest onto the schools MIT profile.

The name of the children’s book that I am writing, gif made  in Scratch

Anyway, you know that I love children’s books? Well…I always ask the pupils about the book’s they are reading. Most of the time…they tell me that they don’t bother with books.

And why don’t they bother? ‘Because,’ they tell me, ‘school book’s are boring so library books must be boring too.’ Now, I gotta admit that…yeah…a lot of school book’s are boring!

I tell them of all the cool kids books that I have read, and slowly…oh so slowly they become more interested.

So, I combined my two loves; Scratch computer programming and books, to make this game.

The game will start when you open the page.

To reset the game then click on the green button.

Use ALL of the arrow keys .

To find out what the letters spell; press the space key.

(This little game took me three hours of messing about, but it was fun!)

Learn more about this project

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

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