How to Make The Most of Your Time Online

I wrote part one of ‘How a Blog Can Help You Reach Your Goals, as my blog will be a year old on April 18 2012, I will post the second part on Wednesday. In that post I will let you know which goals were reached….trust me…it is going to be a pretty interesting post!

Don’t waist your time surfing, pausing, reading. You need to decide what is it you want to know from the web.

I want to know more about:
Digital marketing

Creative writing

Book reviews

Children’s literature

Social Media

Instructional writing

e-publishing for education

Published Irish Writers


All things App-ish

Book Fairs

After talking with Bernie “topgold” Goldbach, I set up my instapaper account and downloaded Readability app, this set up a ‘read later,’ option on the links from twitter. Then when I go to my web account on instapaer all my links are there. If I see something I like while browsing I just past the URL into the add function in instapaper.

It is pretty awesome. If you want to read all the links I have read, (or plan to read). You cannot set your account to public so I downloaded the CSV file and pasted all the links below. This took me a lot of time to curate…so you’re welcome!

On new news from the web….I have found some pretty cool new on line applications:

This free, easy app for creating scrolling timeline-style content is a fun way for students or teachers to create presentations.

Screenr is a new web based screencast recording tool. You can record screencasts and publish them to your profile on Screenr.

is a site that makes it simple for you or your students to create and share interactive timelines about any subject or topic. You can embed You Tube videos, Twitter, RSS feeds, Blogger, flickr, Picasa, Last FM, and more into your Dipity timelines.

Watch the How To Youtube videos here:

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