How a Blog can Help You Reach Goals (part one)

This is part one of a two part series.

The blog will be a year old on April 18th 2012. I original set it up just to get some primary school teaching, but when I realised the power of social media. I reassessed my plan. We all plan, whether we know it or not. Sometimes, we need to sit down and study to come up with a better plan. If you want to be a social media teacher, published writer, make important connections, a better IT teacher, or simply want to know how to set your goals for your blog/life ambitions then stay tuned, stay informed and read on to see how I did it.

When I started to blog I coagulated my IT degree, marketing experience, teaching post grad, financial reporting, web design know how and my stubbornness and spewed out this set of goals. The main ingredient is stubbornness, we all have that, now you just need to apply it.

My blog ambitions:

1. Gain more IT knowledge

2. Share more IT knowledge

3. Read more teacher blogs

4. Get paid to teach IT

5. Read more writer/editor and publisher blogs

6. Get published on other blogs or websites

7. Use the blog to get published on traditional media

8. To get over 35,000 hits at year end April 18th

9. Study the hits to cater even more for the readership

10. Study the hits to grab new readers

11. Grab the non-blog readers

12. To be included in a print newsletter

13. To be seen as a ‘go to gal,’ in IT teaching, creative writing in primary schools, blogging, scratch, social media,

14. To learn more about the areas above

15. To guest lecture somewhere (anywhere)

16. To write book reviews on children’s and or YA (young adult) books

17. To write book reviews on children’s and or YA (young adult) books for powerful bloggers, recognised websites or traditional print media.

18. Become more efficient at curating the best information from Twitter links

19. Write a book

20. Make connections with published writer and publishers

The thing is guys, I am a primary school teacher with a degree in IT, a live lived in financial reporting in the IFSC and I do not want to become a full time primary school teacher, it was never my intention. I always have seen this post grad as a jumping off point. I needed to learn and network. And guess what….its working!

I will post the results of my goal setting later in the week.
Can you see how having goals can help you study and re-align your content; thus aiding you to reach these goals. It is imperative to plan, research, study, and plan again. If I can achieve all of this that so can you. We are all IT-capable.

On a side note, I have changed the blog’s Facebook fan page to MoloneyKing, in keeping with the brand.

How has your blog helped you achieve your goals?

Has Twitter helped you in any way, either personally or business wise?

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  1. Thank you for your comment, always great to get a lovely compliment.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done on setting goals and achieving them!
    Great to see when someone puts words to action!



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