How To Master IT

Long story, my min sim for the iPad and meteor hotspot ran out of data! Meteor became confused when I asked them how to check the balance. I checked my account on line and my bills and all of a sudden, this month the mini was nowhere to be seen.

I must have gotten it on a short contract, but there I was with no data! I am lucky to know some serious tech heads and they have been at me for ages, ‘why don’t you use the phone as a hotspot and just get a bit more data on it.’

Now I know that some people out there think I have everything IT sussed, but I really don’t. I have to find my way just like you guys do. Sure my primary degree is in IT&T, but that was all quantum physics, programming, analogue and digital thingies. I didn’t learn many practical things. So it wrecks my head when I listen to people say, ‘Sure I am dead-head when it comes to IT.’

 I cried when I got my phone. I had issues with syncing, data back up, I couldn’t figure out a way to save documents from my pc to iPad to iPhone and edit them all,  and what in god’s name was iTunes? I only listen to music on the radio;  the last music I bought was on a tape.

But the difference between me and the ‘dead-heads’ is that I am stubborn and will never give up. I locked myself away for three solid days until I figured out the iphone, dropbox, syncing all of my devices, the best word software for iPad and iphone, icould,  iText, viber, instapaer reading in kindle, iTunesU, readability, Evernote, audiobooks, picturebook, iBooks, QRReader, instagram, glow draw and the list goes on.

And what else did I do? I sent out a few tweets asking for advice, I followed a load of tech-heads and read their blogs, heck I even read the iPad magazine. I don’t like depending on the spoken word for advice, I like my information to be in text format, be it in a text,tweet,  email, blog post or book.

We have no excuses; if I can do IT so can you.

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  1. Excellent Finn, when you blog make sure you come bak with the URL.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I will try to master IT too, I might even take your advice and finially start my blog…



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