Blog Awards Ireland 2012

They’re baaaack!

The Osprey Hotel

The awards used to be run by Damien Mulley, they were called Irish Blog Awards.  But this year they are run by Amanda Webb, Lorna Sixsmith and Beatrice Whelan. They will be taking place on October 13th 2012 in The Osprey Hotel, Naas.

One of the organisers has informed me that nominations are open in June and they will have some new categories.

The categories used in the Irish Blog Awards are below:
Best Popculture blog,
Best Food/Drink Blog,
Best Lifestyle,
Best Music Blog,
Best Photo Blog,
Best Technology Blog/Blogger,
Best Sport and Recreation Blog,
Best Blog of a Business,
Best Arts and Culture Blog,
Best Blog from a Journalist,
Best News/Current Affairs Blog,
Best Group Blog,
Best Political Blog,
Best Blog of a Politician,
Use of the Irish Language in a Blog,
Best Specialist Blog,
Best Newcomer,
Best Youth Blog,
Best Personal Blog,
Best Science/Education Blog,
Best Humour Blog,
Best Blog Post,
Best Blog.

If you want more information on Blog Awards 2012 then have a gander on their Twitter, Facebook or web page.

Best of luck to all bloggers out there. Who knows, I might even get a nomination, become a finalist and maybe even a winner of one category, or maybe…maybe….I might win in a few categories. Then I could spruce up my teacher cv and boast to the bloggershpere that Moloney King Is A WINNER……….

Phew! Long breath….wow I just realised that I like having stamps of approval. Man, I am such a nerd……nominate me?!?!

EDIT: I know I should stick to one area on my blog but so far…I haven’t! I blog about teaching, creative writing, the arts, popculture and technology. So my query would be what category would I fit into if people were nice enough to nominate me?

Mhhhhh I suppose I could slot into Best Technology, Best Newcomer, Best Personal Blog, Best Science/Education Blog,  Best Blog Post and or Best Blog.

But what do I know?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Webb says:

    Hi Michelle, Thanks again for your post. We're delighted to see so many entries coming in. Good luck!

    I just want to clarify that Blog Awards Ireland is an entirely new event not affiliated with Irish Blog Awards in any way.

    Hopefully we'll see you on the night 🙂



  2. Hi Mary,

    You are too kind, I appreciate it.



  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michelle, I will definitely vote for you!



  4. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks a mill for the comment. I think you guys are fantastic for organising it. I will update the blog with that info.

    If ye ever need a hand with anything let me know.

    Best of luck with it.

    Best Michelle


  5. Amanda Webb says:

    Hi, Thanks a mill for the mention. We'll be releasing more info as we have it (we're still in the early stages).

    I can tell you nominations are open in June and we will have some new categories.

    Really excited about all the new blogs we're discovering!


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