The Book App – NY and Bologna Fairs

The book is dead!

No it’s not, but it could be, and very soon. Libraries could become places where we can sit with our coffees and smart devices and surf on their wifi. But maybe by the time this happens advertisers and business will have coped on and Internet will be free. (Business will have probably changed their strategies to embrace our smart devices and our free surfing will come at the cost of ads or gathering market info).

I digress, what I mean to say is that you have written a book, but what is a book? Is it, like, something something I can bring to history class as an artifact? (cause I bring in CD’s and my first mobile to history class….and yeah…that kids flip out!)

We (publishers, writers, agents, readers, buyers, sellers) need to face facts and get on board with expanding the physical book with the ebook and the now book app.

The book  will be physically published less and will therefore become more expensive to publish, increasing the price point. If publishers are smart they will make it more of a luxury item. It could be for the mega fans, used as expensive presents, for the people who pay homage to history by still buying ‘books’. Soon we will get to a point where a child will grab a book and laugh at how you have to physically turn over pages and how nothing happens when you click touch the pictures!

The ebook will be available on all devices and some writers may even have their books formatted for epublishing before they send the eMS to an agent. Well the early adaptors might!

And lastly we have the book app.
No, it is not just the epub version with a few more bells and whistles thrown in…but a 3 D world with story, audio, engagement and… well if you want to know more watch this clip. It is from the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2012.

Me? I am playing catch up on the world of epub3 HTML5 and these two conferences are a great way to start.dropbox, prezi, update, sync, de-fragment, AVG, surf, instapaper to Kindel…I mean if I wasn’t such a eMacGyver I’d be exhausted.

TOC* Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012

Bologna Book Fair

The Walking Tour

Bologna children’s book fair digital award pits startups against Disney

Notes from the Bologna Book Fair

Changing the World of Children’s Books

Children’s Books Rides with Princess Ponies

Magic Town is in Bologna for the Bologna Childrens Book Fair

2012 Bologna: focused and upbeat

Bits of Wisdom: SCBWI Bologna 2010 (an oldie but a goodie!)

*(Tools of Change for Publishing)

New York Digital Book World conference   & Expo (January 23-25, 2012).

Checking-In from Digital Book World

Just Kids: Children’s Publishing Goes Digital at DBW

What’s Going On Inside Digital Book World 2012 in NYC (Day 2)

How Amazon Publishing Will Get Its Books Into Barnes & Noble

Kids Find E-Books ‘Fun and Cool,’ But Teens Are Still Reluctant

Consumers, Data and Analytics in the Digital Book Era

‘Explosion of Choice’ Gives Power to Readers

International Expansion ‘May Be Best’ Opportunity for Publishers

Just Kids: Children’s Publishing Goes Digital at DBW

Takeaways from the Digital Book World Conference

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