Jack of All Trades

Used to be a time when being a jack of all trades was a bad thing, but now? Now, we need to be a jack of all trades and use the tools of technology to master them all.

What am I? Like, what am I a master of?

Let’s look at my my working week last week;

  • lecturing third level students on the joys of digital marketing,
  • resource for a day (maths and English with special needs or pupils who need extra help),
  • junior infants,
  • Scratch programming to teachers.

The main thread is technology baby.

You guys ever hear of Good Reads? Well it makes me feel like a looser. OK so yeah, my goodreads is pretty awesome (yeah I know, I talk like Jedward!). But my GoodReads makes me feel bad for not reading more books. I spent a lot of time reading blogs (publishing, writers, art, psychology, teaching, #edchatie,  social media, blogging, technology). But after my week of diversity I can honestly say that those blogs made me a better teacher.

image found on  We Heart It

I don’t even remember the posts I read, I made no notes, but the info went in, and it must have been by osmosis.

When you are a primary school teacher you also need to be well versed in

  • the subject matter,
  • sales, marketing (you need to market and sell the subjects and learning joys to pupils),
  • psychology,
  • philosophy,
  • reki,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • body language,
  • financial trends,
  • books,
  • e-safety,
  • pop-culture.

I am a better teacher and person as a result of the blogs I have been reading for the past year. My Jack of all trades has benefited me.

I now need more trade skills on writing that novel. Or in my case redrafting those novels, I just seem to hid them away and hope they will redraft by themselves. I applaud all the writers out there. Man, this is one tough task. You need to know so much about psychology and motives, the thrills and spills of conflicts and resolution, redrafting to fit it all in. This Jack needs to gather more resources to master it!


So can you guys recommend some more blogs to me…anything on any of the above subjects and especially anything on creative writing, short stories, commitment to writing…

Care to comment?

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